Editorial: Rebranding Killing and Suicide: The Ugly Truth About Euthanasia


The Canadian Medical Association is meeting this week, and the buzz is that euthanasia and assisted suicide will be discussed. Euthanasia activists are striving to neutralize the medical opposition to their plans, and want the CMA to compromise its clearly stated principle forbidding doctors killing patients. If this principle is broken, an invasive weed will have entered our garden.

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Opinion: N.J. Assisted Suicide Proposal is Dangerous Prescription

- From NJ.com

"Proponents of bills meant to legalize assisted suicide for the terminally ill frequently claim that disability organizations' opposing views aren't relevant."

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Medical Society of New Jersey Opposes A3328

The Medical Society of New Jersery Opposes A3328, entitled "New Jersey Death With Dignity Act." Click here to read the full letter. 

The Dangerous 'Help' of Assisted Suicide

Proponents of legal assisted suicide for the terminally ill frequently claim that the opposing views of disability organizations aren't relevant.

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Assisted suicide bill threatens disabled

"The problems with this legislation are manifold. Given profit-driven health care, money already plays too large a part in our medical decisions"

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