Physicians are Healers – Not Killers

In a stunningly horrific move, Belgium's Senate legalized child euthanasia/assisted suicide last week prompting immediate responses by pediatricians, pediatric organizations and pediatric palliative care groups throughout the world.
Compassion & Choices, formerly the Hemlock Society and the organization pushing assisted suicide legislation in U.S. states like New Mexico, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, has been conspicuously silent despite a wave of consternation throughout the media. The only American media outlet to date to give voice in support of euthanizing children is the LA Times who ran two opinion editorials praising Belgium while referring to those in opposition as "paranoid" and "death squeamish."

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Wrong On Assisted Suicide In Oregon

-Wednesday February 12, 2014 -  From

The editorial "Give Dignity A Chance" [Feb. 9] stated that of those who applied for assisted suicide in Oregon, "only one person in six actually ingests the medication." According to the most recent report from the Oregon state health agency, however, "Of the 122 patients for whom DWDA prescriptions were written during 2013, 63 (51.6%) ingested and died from the medication," 28 died from other causes, and the rest are pending or unknown.

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Governor Chris Christie Comments on New Jersey Assisted Suicide Legislation: Opposed.

Assemblyman John Burzichelli's "New Jersey Death With Dignity Act'' proposal, which would grant doctors the right to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to patients who have less than six months to live, doesn't have Christie's backing. "Opposed,'' Christie said.

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Assisted Suicide In Nevada

-February 5, Nevada Public Radio - KNPR.ORG

A New Mexico judge made a ruling that got the state closer to becoming the fifth to allow for assisted suicide, which gives terminally ill patients the option to end their lives in order to end physical and mental suffering. State Senator David Parks thinks Nevada residents should have that option as well. But opponents say right to die is a slippery slope, which can lead to abuse by unethical family members, or exploitation by insurers who don't want to pay for prolonged care.

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Physician Assisted Suicide is Bad Policy for New Jersey

With the legalization of same-sex marriage and the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries, New Jersey joins an increasingly solid bloc of states from Maryland to Maine where progressive causes find a home. Public approval is soaring for the new policies and it is clear the changes are here to stay. Yet a cause also touted as progressive and compassionate – legalized assisted suicide – has not fared so well. As the New Jersey State Senate considers an assisted suicide bill ("Death with Dignity"), it should study why.

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